OSR finished, waiting for spring barley

16 August 2001

OSR finished, waiting for spring barley

MICHAEL MANNERS, who farms medium soil near Darlington, finished oilseed rape last week and thinks spring barley is a week away.

Tenor and Maplas yielded 3.3t/ha (1.35t/acre). “This is about 10% lower than average, but for this year is as good as could be expected.” Moisture was 9% before the rain and then 14% afterwards.

Bramar spring barley, a new variety grown for pre-basic seed, will be ready in a week. “It looks quite good.”

He says most farmers in the area have finished winter barley and oilseed rape, but no one has yet moved onto wheat. He also grows spring wheat and spring beans, which he says will come fit in September.

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