OSRheader boosts combine work-rate

3 September 1999

OSRheader boosts combine work-rate

A 4.6m (15ft) oilseed rape pick-up header which claims to increase combine throughputs by up to 20% is now available from Shelbourne Reynolds.

Designed to pick up large uneven swathes, the header features a larger diameter 610mm (2ft) floating auger with deeper flights. To help ensure a constant flow of swathed material, extra plastic tines have been attached to the PVC draper belt.

Header auger drive is hydraulic, with reverse direction available to clear blockages – eliminating the need to stop the machine – and draper belt speed and direction are controlled electronically from inside the cab.

According to Shelbourne Reynolds, using the oil seed rape header instead of a usual combine version reduces seed loss by 5% and moisture contents by 3%.

Available in working widths of 3.4m (11ft), 4m (13ft) and 4.6m (15ft), the header is priced at £8,990, £9,7750 and £10,250, respectively.

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