Oversight delays foot-and-mouth news

9 July 2001

Oversight delays foot-and-mouth news

By FWi staff

AN oversight has delayed the publication of information which would save
rare-breed pigs from being culled under rules to prevent foot-and-mouth.

The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said
guidelines to secure cull exemptions were published on its website on Monday
(July 9).

But by noon the same day no information had appeared on the site.

A DEFRA spokeswoman admitted the department was at fault for the delay
and said the information would be published by the end of the day.

A DEFRA statement said the guidance was being issued in response to
concerns that rare breeds must be preserved for future generations.

Owners of pigs, llamas and alpacas must submit applications for cull
exemptions as soon as possible after being told the animals will be culled.

The move to protect rare-breed pigs and lamas follows similar action
taken to help rare breeds of sheep and goats on farms near foot-and-mouth

Animal Health Minister Elliot Morley said: “In devising these
arrangements we have made sure that we do not jeopardise our efforts to
control the disease.”


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