Oversupply hits lower-quality spuds

By FWi staff

THE potato market has remained stable over the past week, and prices have been held up by quality packing stocks and processing loads.

“Meanwhile other ware material and spot-market processing produce is feeling the pressure of oversupply,” noted the British Potato Council its weekly report.

Supermarket promotions are adding to the pressure by squeezing prices further.

Stocks of bulk grade 1 have edged up on the back of a shortage of supply.

Values are typically £60-£80/t, up to £100/t for best whites.

Top Edwards are at £110/t and best packing Piper are at £120.

Grade 2 sales remain static, with poor material at £20/t. Most is trading between £30-£50/t.

“Widening price ranges appear to be developing this week as quality packing material remains tight, with price supporting the overall market, and poor stocks remain weak,” said the BPC.

The BPC weekly GB ex-farm average eased slightly by £1.14 to £66.59/t. This compares with £140.93/t in 1998.

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