Pakistans bumper harvest adds to wheat export woes

By FWi staff

EXPORT prospects for the forthcoming wheat harvest have taken another knock with the news that Pakistan will require fewer imports this year.

Pakistans bumper harvest this season is estimated at 19 million tonnes, according to the Government in Karachi. As a result, wheat imports are expected to fall by about 3m tonnes.

Last year, Pakistan imported 4m tonnes, much of it from Australia. This year, Pakistan will import only 1m tonnes and Australia will be competing aggressively for other export markets for its surplus supplies.

But the outlook for world trade during 1998/9 has declined over the past month, according to a report last week from the London-based International Grains Council (IGC).

Favourable growing conditions mean that China and the USA are both expected to import less wheat.

  • IGC forecasts decline in world wheat trade, FWi, 4 June — Click here

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