Paper apologises to rare breeds trust

27 November 2001

Paper apologises to rare breeds trust

By Adrienne Francis

A SUNDAY newspaper has apologised after claiming that the Rare Breeds Survival Trust was left 10 million in a will.

A report in the Sunday Telegraph on 11 November hurt the trusts objective of raising 2.5m, said trust director Richard Lutwyche.

“We are fundraising at the moment, in support of the Regeneration Appeal, in the wake of foot-and-mouth.

“It doesnt help to have potential supporters turn around and say: Didnt you just get 10m – how about a loan?”

Mr Lutwyche admitted that the money would have been welcome and said the trust would remain in contact with the executors of the will.

“We have been lucky so far, securing 300,000 for the fund, with a concerted corporate drive about to begin,” he said.

About 20% of some rare breeds, such as Hill Radnor and White Face Woodland sheep, have been lost due to foot-and-mouth culls.

More funding will be needed for the trusts genetics appeal over the next 10 years, Mr Lutwyche said.

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