Papers study BSE Report

30 October 2000

Papers study BSE Report

BRITAINS newspapers continue to examine the implications of Lord Phillips report which detailed the last governments mishandling of the BSE crisis.

The Independent reports claims that the death toll from CJD, the human equivalent of the disease, “could rise to millions”.

Human cases of CJD are doubling every year, claims Stephen Dealler, a consultant microbiologist and expert of BSE.

According to the Daily Express, Mr Dealler has also voiced fears that beauty creams containing animal fat could still pose a BSE threat.

Meanwhile, agriculture minister Nick Brown has fuelled concerns that BSE could infect Britains sheep flock, reports the same paper.

Although BSE is similar to scrapie in sheep – which has always been considered to be harmless to humans – a new disaster is possible, it says.

The Express quotes Mr Brown as saying: “It is a very long shot that scrapie might be masking the BSE condition.”

According to The Times, the Agriculture Minister has made it clear that Labour will step up its attacks on the Conservatives, who were in power at the height of the BSE crisis.

Mr Brown has taken off his gloves and accused Tory former ministers in the Thatcher and Major governments of being directly at fault over BSE, it says.

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