Paris schools ban beef

2 November 2000

Paris schools ban beef

By FWi staff

SCHOOLS in Paris are to take beef off their lunchtime menus amid fears of BSE-infected meat in the French food chain.

The announcement, at the start of the week, that four of the citys 20 districts had stopped feeding beef to children came as the authorities confirmed another four cases of BSE in the national herd.

This was on top of the seven new cases detected last Friday (27 October) and brings the total so far this year to 81.

Fears have been raised that, despite the countrys whole-herd slaughter policy, the food chain is not fully protected.

Last week, three leading supermarkets had to remove beef from their shelves when it emerged a BSE-infected animal had been sold to an abattoir.

It also emerged this week that the local health authority in Finistère is currently investigating three suspect cases of CJD in humans.

One of the people involved died four weeks ago, but it was not yet confirmed whether it was from classical CJD or the variant form linked to BSE.

The two other suspects are still alive.

The authority also confirmed in a statement that so far only two cases of nvCJD had been confirmed in France, compared with 60 a year for the classical form.

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