Pay hike for DEFRA ministers

13 June 2001

Pay hike for DEFRA ministers

By FWi staff

MARGARET Beckett will receive a salary more than 100,000 to head the new Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Mrs Becketts whose responsibilities include animal welfare and hunting, in addition to the farming portfolio, will be paid 117,979.

This is in line with the salaries paid to other Secretaries of State in the new Labour government.

Environment minister Michael Meacher and Rural Affairs minister Alun Michael will each be paid 85,178.

Junior minister Elliot Morley will receive a salary of 76,657, while fellow junior minister Lord Whitty is paid 58,961.

Former Minister of Agriculture Nick Brown, who was demoted in the post-election Cabinet reshuffle, receives 85,178 in his new post as Minister for Work.

Labour faced criticism after ministers awarded themselves a major wage hike, but they argued that they had forgone their full pay over the past four years.


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