Pea triple treatment

22 June 2001

Pea triple treatment

A NEW triple-action fungicide seed dressing for peas to boost emergence and establishment of both vining and combining crops has been launched by Syngenta for next spring.

Broad-spectrum Wakil XL contains new chemistry for peas and three active ingredients each with a different mode of action.

The new component is fludioxonil, currently used in cereals but new for peas. It protects against the seed-borne ascochyta complex. Metalaxyl-M controls pythium damping off, and cymoxanil acts on downy mildew.

Fludioxonil penetrates into the seed and creates a protective sheath around the emerging seedling. Metalaxyl-M is systemic moving into new growth as it emerges, and cymoxanil has translaminar activity to spread across the leaves of emerging seedlings.

In 17 trials by Syngenta and PGRO between 1998 and 2000 establishment from the new £90/t treatment was boosted by an average of 4% over the industry standard Apron Elite which it replaces.

Chemical loading is low- 65g of active ingredient per 100kg. &#42

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