Peers vote for hunt compromise

PEERS HAVE voted to introduce a Bill that would allow a system of registered hunts authorised by tribunal, similar to what the government originally proposed in Dec 2002.

The peers voted by 322 to 72 to overturn a Bill seeking an outright ban on Tues (Oct 26).

The Times reports Lord Donoughue, a Labour peer and former junior agriculture minister, as saying that peers had offered a compromise.

“We say to the Prime Minister, if you want compromise then why not accept this compromise.”

But the paper claims any chance of a compromise with the government over hunting with dogs has finally been snuffed out.

It says Lord Whitty claimed peers would be exceeding their powers if they sought a Bill allowing licensed hunting when the original Bill clearly sought to ban the sport.

But the paper claims pro-hunting MPs are expected to table an amendment that would extend the government‘s proposed 18-month delay to one totalling two and half years.

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