Perfect cure for a pain in the neck?

15 June 2001

Perfect cure for a pain in the neck?

LOOK forward and then look back, with no neck ache, at neater hedge-trimming work.

This is McConnels philosophy when it adapted the companys PA93 hedgetrimmer to work on the front of Fendts Xylon forward control tractor.

Aimed at the contractor and local authority markets, the combination is due to be demonstrated during a road show over the next six months.

To cope with tough trimming jobs, the front-mounted PA93 is fitted with HY-Power – a totally independent hydraulic system that is designed to supply 20% extra power to the Multicut flail head.

The 1.2m flail-head is driven by a 54hp hydraulic motor – with the pump powered by the Xylons front pto.

A robust build, the flail head has a heavy duty casing which contains a spiral rotor assembly with 24 blades.

Further features of the flail head include a built-in wire trap, heavy-duty rear roller and a flap kit to prevent material being thrown at the tractor.

Electronic control of the PA93 allows fingertip operation of arm and flail head movements. Digital proportional arm rest controls are optional.

The front-mounted PA93 hedge trimmer costs £10,625. &#42

McConnels PA93 hedge trimmer has been adapted to work on the front of Fendts Xylon tractor.

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