Pesticide food sold by supermarkets

16 September 1999

Pesticide food sold by supermarkets

FRUIT and vegetables have been sold by supermarkets with residues of pesticides over acceptable limits, a government report has confirmed.

Research carried out by the Pesticides Safety Directorate, will reveal for the first time that major food retailers have sold foods with high pesticide residues.

The reports findings will confirm that imported and home-grown pears from Asda and the Co-op contained chlormequat.

It will also show evidence of the illegal use of the fungicide iprodione as well as the organophosphate malathion in Safeway round lettuce.

The report, which sampled food throughout 1998, says 1.4% of samples exceeded the maximum residue limits.

  • The Guardian 16/09/99 page 1, page 14 (G2)

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