Phantom here for real

19 June 1998

Phantom here for real

FRAZIER launched its new low ground pressure self-propelled spraying unit at Cereals 98.

The company says its TDI 2000 Phantom, which has a 2000 litre capacity, is aimed at growers wishing to upgrade from a small machine without losing low ground pressure capability.

Power is supplied by a 111hp Land Rover TDI engine driving through a two-range automatic gearbox to provide eight forward speeds and two reverse.

A lockable central differential is included in the specification.

Demountable spraying equipment includes a 2000 litre stainless steel tank and aluminium booms up to 28m wide. Prices start at £49,700.

Frazier enters the 2000-litre self-propelled sprayer market with the Phantom. All-up weight when full is reported to be under 6t.

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