Photo lessons from a Scottish master…

6 March 1998

Photo lessons from a Scottish master…

Ihave been visiting our most northerly group – West Fife and Kinross – who meet in Dunfermline and am writing this on a high-speed train. The theory is that I can get on with some work but, in practice, the lap top computers battery is dead and there is too much to look at from the train window.

I had a wonderful welcome at the City Hotel where we enjoyed a traditional Scottish high tea before our meeting. Its two and a half years since my last visit so we had a lot of catching up to do.

The speaker for the evening was Willie Shand Junior, a brilliant photographer, who took us, with the aid of his slides, up the west coast to the Western Isles. He says he takes pictures not of the scenery but the weather – stunning is a word that springs to mind for the variety and quality of light used to make a picture. The selection of photographs that he showed us ranged from mother-of-pearl skies and a line of sheep, to waterfalls blowing upwards – and Willies humorous comments helped keep us mesmerised.

As for me, my little camera was left in the handbag throughout my visit, with thoughts of giving up completely.

Jean Howells

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