Pig cash petition

2 October 1998

Pig cash petition

A PETITION calling for a complete removal of the Meat and Livestock Commission statutory levy and the creation of a new and independent pig industry organisation has been launched by the British Pig Industry Support Group. It wants the new organisation to be responsible for advertising, promotion, market information, education, research and political lobbying.

Since 1980, the BPISG points out, per capita pigmeat consumption in the UK has fallen by 15.4%, yet increased by 11.7% in the rest of Europe. And from 1983 to 1996, UK sow numbers fell by 7.3% compared with an expansion ranging from 16% to 42% in other EU member states.

"In a country that is not self-sufficient in pigmeat, this is unacceptable. The structure of pig industry representation is fundamentally flawed," the group says.

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