Pig farmer to challenge ASBO

A NORFOLK PIG farmer who was served with an Anti-Social Behaviour Order has proclaimed his innocence and asked for his fate to be decided by a jury, reports The Times.

Farmer Brian Hagen was served with an interim ASBO by Cromer magistrates court on Mon (Dec 13) for failing to control his pigs.

Mr Hagen was then arrested and ordered to appear at King‘s Lynn magistrates‘ court on Thurs (Dec 16) after 20 pigs escaped five hours later.

But according to the paper he has pleaded not guilty to the charge of breaching the order and is considering challenging its legality.

The case has attracted a large amount of interest from the media as it is the first time an ASBO has been used in such circumstances.

They were originally developed to curb yob behaviour.

The success of the courts to uphold the use of the order against what is likely to be a serious challenge may have serious repercussions for the future of ASBOs.

The matter could, at least theoretically, go all the way to the High Court if Mr Hagen persists with his case.

He was ordered to return to court on Jan 26, however, there is a chance that the matter may be concluded at an earlier date.

On Jan 10 a court at Cromer will decide whether or not to make the interim order permanent.

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