Pig farmers step up campaign

17 September 1999

Pig farmers step up campaign

by Peter Crichton

PIG farmers are expected to renew their assault on misleading labelling of pigmeat products sold in major UK supermarkets.

The British Pig Industry Support Group claims that a large slice of the processed pigmeat market does not show any country of origin labelling.

This fails to provide the consumer with enough point of sale information to decide where the product was produced in the first place, says the group.

With UK pig production now on a welfare-friendly basis many producers fear they will never be able to compete head to head with other EU countries.

Unless prices in Europe recover or the slips to around 2.5DM the UK herd is expected to continue to contract until a sustainable balance is achieved.

This could see the whole industry shed over 50% of current capacity and follow the trends seen in the coal and steel industries, say pig industry analysts.

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