Pig men round on renderers case

8 May 1998

Pig men round on renderers case

THE British Pig Association could give evidence at the BSE inquiry after renderers declared that pig producers were continuing to use bovine meat and bonemeal in pig rations.

Paul Foxcroft, managing director of renderers, Prosper De Mulder, said that swill feeders were exploiting a legal loophole in laws governing the disposal of meat and bonemeal, and taking several hundred tonnes of waste from rendering plants a week.

Mr Foxcroft explained that while the feeding of rendered and dried meat and bonemeal to all farm stock was banned, a legal loophole in the Waste Food Order, allowed the feeding of liquefied meat and bone to continue.

But BPA chief executive Grenville Welsh reacted angrily to Mr Foxcrofts statement and accused him of making inflammatory remarks that could arouse false concern about the safety of pigmeat

"There are no links between BSE and pigs. While we have continued to monitor evidence at the inquiry, until now, there has been no reason to become involved," explained Mr Welsh.

Grenville Welsh, chief executive of the BPA, said the renderers BSEinquiry evidence was inflammatory.

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