Pig & Poultry Fair round-up

  • NPA waits for Brussels on exit scheme

    Monday, 15 May, 2000

    NATIONAL Pig Association officials are hoping to get consent from the EU Commission for proposed changes to the industrys restructuring scheme which aims to help those producers getting out of pigs.

  • Pig business faces labour shortage

    Monday, 15 May, 2000

    THE pig industry is facing a shortage of skilled labour, according to the National Centre for Pig Industry Training.

  • Mixed reaction to bi-annual Pig Fair

    Monday, 15 May, 2000

    THE decision by RASE to hold the Pig & Poultry Fair as a bi-annual event in the future has met a mixed response from exhibitors.

  • PIC freezes gilt prices

    Monday, 15 May, 2000

    PIG breeder PIC has frozen the cost of replacement gilts to encourage producers to invest.

  • Bleak pig prospects in the west

    Monday, 15 May, 2000

    ECONOMISTS from Exeter University suggest pig producers prospects have only increased marginally, and those farming in the extreme corners of Great Britain are likely to come under more pressure.

  • Outdoor threat to intensive pig men

    Monday, 15 May, 2000

    CONCERN is growing that a rapid expansion of outdoor herds could undermine the pig market and put intensive producers margins at risk, warn advisers.

  • Pig processing must restructure – Sloyan

    Thursday, 11 May, 2000

    PIG producers who have struggled to restructure their businesses are unlikely to benefit fully unless the processing sector follows suit.

  • Pig business backs xenophobic ads

    Wednesday, 10 May, 2000

    BRITISH pig industry representatives have defended a controversial advertising campaign which has enraged Continental competitors.

  • MLC pigmeat ads xenophobic

    Wednesday, 10 May, 2000

    A HARD-HITTING campaign which implies that British farmers produce the safest and most welfare-friendly pigmeat has been branded xenophobic.

  • City farm plan for Winnie’s offspring

    Wednesday, 10 May, 2000

    PIG farmers hope to breed from Winnie – the pig who spent three months with them during a vigil in London – and send her offspring to city farms.

  • Minister launches pigmeat campaign

    Tuesday, 09 May, 2000

    JUNIOR agriculture minister Joyce Quin has unveiled a 4.6 million campaign aimed at boosting sales of British pigmeat and easing pressure on producers.

  • Farmers lose out on poultry boom

    Tuesday, 09 May, 2000

    BRITISH producers are likely to lose out on a predicted surge in chicken and turkey sales over the next decade, according to a report to be released on Wednesday (10 May).

  • Concrete block replaces Winnie

    Tuesday, 09 May, 2000

    PIG farmers have dumped two-and-a-half tonne concrete block containing a sow stall outside the Houses of Parliament as they end their three-month vigil.

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