Pig prices take a hike

By James Garner

PIG prices have risen significantly in the last two weeks with the UK deadweight pig price increasing by nearly 5p/kg on the week before.

Specialist porker producers, finishing pigs under 49kg carcass weight, would have been positively astounded by their 15p/kg lift.

This is a very limited market though and in general a 4.5p/kg rise was seen across the other weight ranges.

Trade has continued firm this week, with average pig prices at 102.8p/kg carcass weight.

The Meat and Livestock Commission hinted that the price rise could have been due to average weight and fat cover of pigs falling, picking the price up.

Supplies are tightening, too, says Richard Dole of Anglia Quality Meats.

“The situation is getting more acute as every day goes by. June is traditionally a month of tight supply.

“There is also the foot-and-mouth situation, and pig wasting diseases, PWMS and PDNS, have spread across to other regions, such as Yorkshire.”

Pigs, that would have been coming forward from these areas, are not because wasting diseases are taking effect, he explained.

Pork shoulder joints and cull sows are still keeping a lid on the market, he said.

Meanwhile, lamb prices have at last perked up, levelling at 214p/kg dw and have stayed firm this week, ranging from 210-220p/kg.

The 4p/kg rise though still doesnt reflect the massive hike in retail lamb prices. Loin and cutlet chops rose 63p/kg and 47p/kg respectively, according to MLC data for the week ending 23 June, 2001.

Cattle prices are still reflecting big discrepancies between England Scotland. Tight supplies in Scotland continue to dominate trade.

There are some reports of a bidding war between the two abattoirs near Ayr that are slaughtering cattle from the at risk area.

Anecdotal evidence reckoned on at a 20p/kg price rise as both abattoirs offer exorbitant prices to hold on to clients.

Last week, R4L steers levelled at 162p/kg in England, while Scottish cattle commanded a 20p/kg premium.


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