Plan to measure peace and quiet

14 November 2000

Plan to measure peace and quiet

By FWi staff

THE forthcoming Rural White Paper proposes that rural tranquillity levels should be measured, reports The Times.

The pledge to ensure that rural calm is not disturbed is revealed in what the newspaper claims is a leak from the paper, due to be published within a fortnight.

The alleged leak states: “There are also less tangibles, which have to be improved: tranquillity and lack of noise and visual intrusion, dark skies and remoteness from the visible impact of civilisation.”

The paper is said to emphasise the use of “full cut-off lighting” to reduce road glare and reduce traffic noise.

Ministers are also keen to cut noise from quarrying operations.

The Times says the extract does not explain how tranquillity will be measured, but the task is likely to go to the Countryside Agency.

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