Plantations boosted despite Indonesian GDP slump

08 July 1998

Plantations boosted despite Indonesian GDP slump

PLANTATIONS, fisheries and forestry were the only sectors to improve in first-half gross domestic product (GDP) statistics announced by Indonesias Central Bureau of Statistics.

They were boosted in rupiah terms by the fall of the currency from Rp2,400/$ to Rp14,700 now.

Overall GDP fell 12.23% in the first half of 1998 compared with the same period last year.

The figures came as the new president BJ Habibie (ok) called on the countrys largely Moslem population to last two days a week to save on rice consumption. The World Bank and other institutions say that despite a bad
harvest there is enough rice but distribution has deteriorated.

  • Financial Times 08/07/98 page 6

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