Plastic pumps are chemical-proof

13 November 1998


Compact hacksaw for awkward spots

A HACKSAW is an essential tool of the farm workshop, but traditionally shaped saws do not lend themselves to use in confined spaces.

Spaldings maintains to have overcome that limitation with its compact heavy duty air hacksaw.

Supplied with a length of "quiet" air hose and a male 3/8in quick release fitting, the saw can be operated from compressors supplying 6cfm or more.

Price £96.80 (01522-500600).

Shedding light on grain storage

FARM buildings, such as on floor grain stores, due to their sheer size, can be difficult to light with standard fluorescent bulbs.

More light could be shed on the subject through the use of EncapSulites MT50 fluorescent fitting, which gives up to a quoted 104lm/w, through the use of a stainless steel mirror reflector for maximum light output.

A quick release power supply enables quick lamp replacement, instant start and, claims the company, flicker-free performance; a one piece 50mm diameter polycarbonate exterior is stated to ensure hazard free usage in any working environment.

The MT50 is available in either 110 or 230v versions and lengths from 39.8cm (1.1ft)-1.57m (5ft).

Prices start from £58 and £52, respectively (01525-376974).

Birds outguessed by random banger

A MAJOR drawback of some older bird scarers is their consistency of interval between bangs – a pattern hungry birds soon get wise to.

But new, state-of-the-art units can be expensive, a fact recognised by Spaldings, which has introduced a kit to enable older mechanically and electrically activated models to be fitted with an up-to-date electronic control system.

The kit consists of a sealed waterproof control box – fully programmable and featuring dawn-dusk delay and multiple detonations, with an optional rechargeable 12V battery – wiring, gas regulator and all the necessary components, which, says Spaldings, can be fitted in most farm workshops.

Price £189 (01522-500600).

Conveyor sealer does the business

DO you need a heavy duty plastic bag sealer/conveyor, but cannot justify the cost of a continuous system?

A solution to the problem might be Portsdowns semi-manual conveyor sealer, which will handle up to six bags/minute says the company. Filled and weighed bags are placed on the conveyor which is stopped by a magic eye when the container is positioned beneath the sealer jaws.

Conveyor restart is automatic once sealing is complete, with the bag being removed manually for stacking or loading.

The unit operates off a single phase power supply and costs £3250 (01329-232300).

Plastic pumps are chemical-proof

CORROSIVE liquids such as liquid feed, some crop chemicals and anti-freeze can play havoc with metallic hand pumps.

Inter-Shape (Trading) maintains its Ezi-Action low pressure/

high volume hand pumps are unaffected by such substances, due to their a polypropelene/polyethelene plastic construction.

Two versions of the pump are offered – one for use with 20-25 litre containers, the other 100-205 litre, with respective prices of £18.50 and £44.50 (01858-439027).

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