Pneumatic drill cuts costs

7 May 1999

Pneumatic drill cuts costs

REDUCED establishment costs are claimed for a new pneumatic direct drill made by Gaspardo in Northern Italy.

The new Directa machine imported by Agri-Mag (UK) has been designed to handle cereals, soya, rape, pulses, linseed, lucerne and other forage crops and comprises three models.

Smallest is the 3m DP 300, which is available both in mounted and trailed versions and suitable for operation with 100hp plus tractors. Next is the trailed 4m DP 400, which requires a 120/130hp tractor, and the hydraulically folding DPI 400 version which is due to make its debut appearance at the Cereals Event.

Topping out the range is the 6m DP 600, a trailed machine with a tractor power requirement of 180hp. This version, like the DPI 400, also folds hydraulically to 3m for road transport.

All machines feature furrow press wheels, adjusted for angle and pressure, to close the furrow. Also standard is a pneumatic drive with independent hydraulic oil reservoir and oil cooler. Hopper capacity on the 3m and 4m machines is 1250kg, and on the 6m machine, 2500kg.

Other standard equipment includes individual coulter pressure adjustment, hydraulic markers, independent following harrow and rear lighting kit. Electronic hectare counter plus tramline system, seed level indicator and loading steps and platform are also included.

Electronic on-the-move seed rate adjustment is being developed and will be available this autumn. Prices range from £20,495 for the 3m mounted version; £30,850 for the trailed 4m folding model. &#42


Italian-made Gaspardo seed drills and power harrows are now available for the first time in the UK from newly-formed Norfolk-based farm machinery suppliers, Agri-Mag (UK).

The drill range embraces conventional mechanical drills from 2.5m to 4m. Pneumatic drills range in size from 2.5 to 6m.

Directa direct seeder from 3m-6m. Gaspardo power harrows from 2.3m, to 8m (hydraulic folding).

Agri-Mag (UK) Unit 6, Bintree Road Industrial Estate, Foulsham, Dereham, Norfolk NR20 5RL (01362-683832).

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