Poland seeks concessions for EU membership

14 July 1999

Poland seeks concessions for EU membership

FOREIGN farmers hoping to buy land in Poland will have an eighteen-year wait if the east European government request succeeds to the European Union (EU).

Poland is negotiating EU membership and has pencilled in the end of 2002 as the time it would like to join.

But it is making the application to have its land excluded from foreign ownership because of the history of the country.

Poland took over a big part of pre-war Germany as a result of frontier changes after the Second World War. The government fears this would be bought back if there are no restrictions.

Foreigners have to apply for permission when buying property in Poland. Land is about 10 times cheaper than in Germany and the Poles estimate that land prices will begin to even out towards the end of the ban.

  • Financial Times 14/07/99 page 2 (News Digest)

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