Police bomb alert for farmers

8 January 2001

Police bomb alert for farmers

By FWi staff

POLICE have warned people in agriculture to beware of suspicious packages after a parcel-bomb exploded in the face of a 58-year-old farmer.

The farmer suffered facial injuries when he opened a package containing a nail bomb at his home in Ripon, North Yorkshire, on Friday (05 January).

A female member of staff at a livestock auctioneers in Patrington, East Yorkshire, was also hurt when she opened a explosive device.

North Yorkshire police say they were considering a possible link between the two attacks and advised people in the agricultural community to be on their guard.

The police are also looking at a possible connection between the two incidents and a letter bomb sent to a pest control operator in Congleton, Cheshire, last week.

The package was opened by the operators six year old daughter, who was injured in the leg.

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