Police to target illegal raves

POLICE IN Pembrokeshire are working with the local authority, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and The National Trust to put an end to illegal raves.

Following a number of illegal raves in the county during 2003, Dyfed-Powys police and other interested agencies have formulated a joint strategy to tackle the problem. 

It has been decided that all agencies and communities will proactively monitor all likely sites for such events. Anyone suspected of planning a rave will be identified and targeted. 

Action taken will include prosecuting persons under Section 59 of Police Reform Act, 2002, which gives power to seize private vehicles.

During high-risk periods, there will also be a special multi-agency operations group to respond effectively to any incidents.

The police have made it clear there is no intention to halt the proposed licensed Rosehill Pop Concert, Slebech Haverfordwest scheduled for Monday, Aug 30.

The organisers have been in dialogue with the relevant agencies for some time, said a statement.

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