Policy change attracts buyers

21 January 2000

Policy change attracts buyers

A CHANGE in farming policy for David Sanders of Upper Ledwyche, Middleton, near Ludlow attracted Shropshire dairy farmers to the dispersal of his non-pedigree Ledwyche Holstein Friesian herd last weekend.

The sale included 17 freshly calved and in-calf heifers and 20 first and second calvers. The NMR herd average was 6300kg.

Top call was 550gns for a second calver that gave 7038kg as a heifer. She calved on December 22nd and was giving 33.8kg on the day. Another mid-December second calver was yielding 32.2kg a day following a heifer note of 7578kg.

In-calf heifers reached 440gns for one due in April.

Averages: first calvers £401, second calvers £443, third calvers £295, fourth calvers £380 and in-calf heifers £393. (Mullock and Madeley). &#42

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