Poor harvest after poor winter

29 August 2001

Poor harvest after poor winter

ARCHIE MONTGOMERY, who farms at North Cadbury in Somerset, has had a poor harvest. He just has some spring wheat and beans to combine.

“The wheat has barely done 3t/acre (7.5t/ha), while normally we would expect 3.5-4t/acre (8.6-10t/ha).”

Claire and Savannah have done equally poorly and he blames drilling and winter conditions. Winter wheat was drilled between October and February.

“Many crops had a poor start and did not improve. The February drilled winter wheat was more even, but was never going to show any potential.”

One quarter of the normal wheat area was not drilled or had to be re-drilled with spring wheat or beans, on the medium soil. He thinks the Imp spring wheat and spring beans have potential and will be ready in a week.

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