Popular formulations

19 July 2002

Popular formulations

NEW pesticides formulations that minimise the risk of operator exposure and environmental contamination are becoming increasingly popular, recent market research suggests.

Microencapsulation techniques, which enclose minute amounts of the active pesticide in a protective coating, are being used more widely, says analyst Gordon McManus, of Frost and Sullivan.

He believes the growing popularity of the technology may tie in with the need to defend the on-going approval of some older products as they undergo the European Review of Plant Protection Products.

Syngenta is currently showing the most innovation in the sector, with a new quick release microencapsulation formulation now on offer, which reduces toxicity to the operator and the environment.

New processes allow quality formulations to be achieved at lower cost, he notes. The value of products using microencapsulation could double over the next five years, he adds. &#42

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