Pork thumbs-up

23 October 1998

Pork thumbs-up

JUNIOR farm minister Elliot Morley gave his support this week to the Meat and Livestock Commissions campaign to promote British pork.

Speaking at a breakfast attended by pig industry leaders and MPs, Mr Morley said if retailers wanted quality assurance schemes then they had to keep their side of the bargain and be prepared to pay for high standards.

"What farmers have asked for is not subsidies but a level playing field, and their fair share of the market," said Mr Morley.

MLC chairman Don Curry stressed that the organisation was using every technique within its grasp to hammer home competitive advantage. He was delighted to see increasing support from retailers and the catering sector.

The MLC has supplied MPs with details of major wholesale, catering and retail buyers of pigmeat in their constituencies and is encouraging the politicians to approach the firms and local councils to urge them to buy farm assured British pork.

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