Portillo pledge to cut fuel tax

20 September 2000

Portillo pledge to cut fuel tax

By FWi staff

PETROL and diesel prices will be cut by 3ppl if the Conservatives win the next election, shadow chancellor Michael Portillo has pledged.

Speaking at a press conference, he said the fuel tax cut would save an average family 1.85 every time they filled their petrol tanks, reports the BBC.

This increases pressure on Chancellor Gordon Brown, who has insisted the government will not give in to petrol protesters demands for action within 60 days.

His point-blank refusal led to panic buying at petrol stations on Tuesday (19 September) after rumours spread that farmers and hauliers were planning to blockade oil refineries again.

Richard Haddock, a leading light in the Farmers For Action group, accused the government of arrogance and challenged Prime Minister Tony Blair to meet him.

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