21 June 2002


EDUCATION is an important part of the Royal Shows objectives, and at the FACE centre there are plenty of opportunities for children from both farming and urban backgrounds to gain additional information about food production in a sustainable countryside. The education programmes are all linked into the national curriculum, and they aim to provide an enjoyable way to gain new information.

The Food and Farming Challenge is one of the main educational programmes. It is organised in conjunction with schools in the Midlands area where teams of students have been working on real problem-solving activities that can actually benefit businesses connected with the rural environment. The results of some of these projects are on display in the FACE centre.

The selection of topics available in the Explorer and Discoverer educational programmes is designed to suit all age groups, providing the opportunity to learn more about farming, food production and life in the countryside. The topics are based on guidance sheets produced by teachers, and they are designed to encourage children to find out more about a wide range of subjects or to investigate a particular topic in greater depth.

Waitrose is the sponsor for the new education activity, the Slice of Life. This is also based in the FACE centre and it is another opportunity for children to have fun while collecting information. Each child is asked to describe the ingredients for their favourite sandwich, and they follow a number of different supply routes to track down the sandwich fillings they chose.

Another approach to the learning process is provided by the FACE Education Work-shops. These are designed for school parties and they provide story sessions and art activities, all linked to farming and countryside themes and geared to large groups of children accompanied by teachers.

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