Potato Council runs scab workshops

12 June 2001

Potato Council runs scab workshops

By Tom Allen-Stevens

THE British Potato Council (BPC) is holding a series of workshops to help tackle two diseases which cost the UK potato industry 4 million each year.

It is possible to avoid waste from skin blemishes caused by the diseases common scab and powdery scab, according to BPC experts.

“Correct identification is crucial in tackling the differing causes of these diseases,” said head of BPC field services Damian Baker.

The workshops, free to levy payers, will see independent experts explain the differences, causes and how to prevent important pests and diseases.

They will take place at the Oliver Cromwell Hotel, March, Cambridgeshire, on 19 June and at Springfields Restaurant, Spalding, Lincolnshire, on 20 June.

Other venues include the Smoke House Hotel, Beck Row, Mildenhall on 26 June; and Park Farm Hotel, Hethersett on 28 June. Each starts at 10.30am.


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