Potato growers at a standstill

By FWi staff

LAST week saw little progress with either lifting or planting.

With some 14,000ha of potatoes still in the ground, more growers are deciding to cultivate crops up, rather than attempt to harvest them, says the British Potato Council.

However, “There are still some that are hoping to salvage something if the soils ever dry up,” says the BPCs Rob Burrow.

“But it is likely to be well into March before much fresh activity is seen.”

The BPC reports that, with little land work possible, growers have been keen to unload suspect and late-lifted stocks from store.

“Buyers though are showing only moderate interest and price pressure on markets has increased,” says Mr Burrow.

Overall the market is steady, but price ranges are growing wider with traders preferring to move pre-bought quality material.

Prices are little changed on the week, and the BPC weekly GB ex-farm average price eased by 1.36 to 118.38/t excluding bags.

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