Potato growers can save on fertiliser

By FWi staff

POTATO growers in Great Britain could save up to 7 million on fertiliser per year.

According to research commissioned by the British Potato Council, reduced fertiliser rates for maincrop and second early potatoes offer on average 50/ha cost savings.

“The research has provided a more comprehensive understanding of the relationships between crop nutrient demand and soil supply,” says BPC R&D director Dr. Mike Storey.

“We are pressing MAFF hard to have the recommendations included in the revised RB209 fertiliser booklet currently being prepared.

“The initial recommendations relate to phosphate, potash and magnesium, and there is potential to achieve further reductions in nitrogen use too,” he adds.

However, he has warned growers to discuss with their advisors and agronomists where the opportunities for cost-savings can be achieved.

“It is essential that end-user crop quality is not compromised.”

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