Potato growers look forward to all-purpose machine

19 February 1998

Potato growers look forward to all-purpose machine

THE search for larger and more sophisticated farm machines could result in a £500,000 all-purpose machine for potato growers within the next few years, the Agricultural Engineers conference in Dundee was told.

Gordon Skea, of Reekie Manufacturing, said that stone separating
and windrowing techniques had revolutionised the sector in 25 years.

He said potato growing was being driven towards fewer, but larger, growers
operating in bigger fields to match the growing efficiency of eastern Europe.

And he advocated moving to wider wheel spacings working to a three or four row
system, which he thought would increase the rate of work by up to 50%.

He believed there was a sound future for organic potato production but the
problem currently was that the quality was not right.

Jim Cruikshank, chairman of the British Potato Council, told a meeting at
Kelso this week the aim was to boost annual seed sales from 44,000 tonnes currently to 66,000 tonnes in five years. However, he warned stiff competition from Dutch
growers would continue.

  • The Scotsman 19/02/98 page 30

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