Potato returns threatened by pasta

09 September 1999

Potato returns threatened by pasta

BRITAINS potato producers are concerned by the inroads that pasta sales are making into their £500m per annum industry, reports The Herald.

Unregistered speculative potato production has become another threat to the industry, according to the newspaper.

Nigel Jupe, chief executive of the British Potato Council (BPC), said there was a 50% growth in carbohydrates market taken by pasta and rice in the past eight years.

By contrast, potato producers saw their share drop from 90% to 80%, he told growers at the Potato 99 event at Newark.

The BPC recorded a 6% growth in plantings by unregistered potato growers to an estimated 145,000ha (35,829 acres).

Renegade growers were attracted by a 28% increase in ex-farm values.

  • The Herald 09/09/99 page 25

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