Potato stimulant impresses in trials

29 May 1998

Potato stimulant impresses in trials

SIX years of trials show Redicrop plant growth stimulant can increase potato yields in certain grading bands, depending on the time of application.

The results of the 132 trials in Scotland, England, Ireland and France show shy breeding varieties or crops aimed at the salad and canning market treated at the hook stage gave 10% more small potatoes with a 14% yield response in the category.

In seed crops Redicrop applied when stolons are swelling to pea size produced an average yield increase of 1.6t/ha in the seed portion of the crop. For the general ware market, application when tubers were 15-20 mm gave 7% and 19% more yield in the medium and large grades, respectively.

In baking crops where the product was applied when tubers were 20-25mm, baker yield increased by 21%.

"The data we have collected provides conclusive evidence that Redicrop produces beneficial results and answers criticism that plant growth stimulants are unproven," says company agronomist Dr John Kay.

"We have shown that if growers assess properly the tuber growth stage of the crop by sampling to determine application timing, they can increase yield in the required band."

Independent firms commissioned to trial the product included North West Agronomy, David Ickeringill Associates, Crop Care Agronomy, SAC, Dalgety Agriculture, NDSM, Crop Technology and CSC Crop Protection. &#42

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