Powder power…

20 July 2001

Powder power…

HIGH levels of skimmed milk powder are contained in a calf milk replacer launched by BOCM Pauls.

Earlycare Hi-Performance contains 45% of skim milk powder and when reconstituted it costs 18.1p/litre to feed calves compared with about 20p/litre for fresh cows milk, says the company.

The product is said to have a highly digestible fat blend which provides readily available energy for the growing calf and improves coat condition.

Organic acids in the milk replacer clot the milk, slowing its passage through the small intestine where it is digested rather than being passed into the large intestine, which can cause scouring, it claims.

Vitamin E and selenium are included to increase calfs immune response and muscle growth. Vitamin C also provides further protection against disease and polycolnal antibodies give natural control of E coli, salmonella, rotavirus and coronavirus, says BOCM Pauls.

The milk replacer comes in 25kg bags costing £36.25 (08457-228853, fax 01275-378370).

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