26 March 1999


Edited by David Cousins

The Power Farming

section, as regular readers will know, is always on the lookout for useful bits of workshop kit. Sometimes these arrive with a bit of a fanfare, promise a lot but then dont deliver. Others pop up quietly, often in an allied industry, but prove to be a useful addition to any farm workshop.

The air-powered surfacing tool featured this month, which is designed to

scrabble about in places too small for a

conventional grinder to reach, is a good case of the latter. At £65, it wont cost you the earth either.

This month we also revisit another of the winners in last years FW/Barclays Bank farm inventions

competition. Father and son farming and

contracting team Brian

and Mike Anning needed a mower that was fast enough to keep ahead of a 380hp self-propelled forager. The answer was to build their own mower – all 24ft of it. We explain how they overcame the obvious mechanical problems involved in building such a wide piece of kit.

Finally, our occasional How Does it Work series enters the sometimes bewildering world of GPS equipment. We take the back off a yield-mapping device and try to work out what makes it tick.

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