Power-line row brings cut-off

3 September 1999

Power-line row brings cut-off

AN Aberdeenshire farmer has had his electricity cut off for refusing to pay a £6500 bill after claiming that unsafe overhead power lines were killing his animals.

David Edwards of Pitcow Farm, Whiterashes, claims the loss of more than 100 sheep and cattle from his 81ha (200-acre) farm since 1994.

Mr Edwards, who is seeking £80,000 compensation from Scottish Hydro-Electric, believes that electric current from power lines earthed in his land is being carried through the underground water table.

He told reporters that tests carried out by consultants hired by his insurers had shown significant earth current leakages.

But he added: "The Health and Safety executive passed the matter on to the DTI, who did several on-farm investigations – on dry days in the interests of safety. These tests were inconclusive."

Responding to Mr Edwards claim, a spokesman for Scottish Hydro Electric said: "Extensive examination by independent experts and the Department of Trade and Industry could find no evidence of any fault in Scottish Hydro Electric equipment." &#42

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