Pre-cleaner keeps engine filter in kilter

7 May 1999

Cutter can hack it in awkward places

LATEST development from Andreas Stihl is a back-pack brush-cutter designed for use in inaccessible areas such as steep embankments and narrow ditches.

Key to the FR85s operation is the units carrying frame; a hip belt takes the weight of the machine off the shoulders and spine while vibration generated by the engine is absorbed by an anti-vibration system.

Powered by a 1.2hp two-stroke engine, the brush-cutter can be converted into a telescopic pruner or hedge trimmer by employing one of the several attachments available.

Price of the Stihl FR85 back-pack brush-cutter is £395 (0800- 137574).

Glass coating adds shine to buildings

DARK, cold farm buildings could be made brighter and warmer with a one-coat application of glass fibre insulation, says Aardvark Transatlantic.

The company is now marketing Monoglass which, when sprayed on to the inside of buildings, is claimed to provide a high degree of insulation both for heat retention and noise reduction.

A US product, Monoglass is made of 25% recycled glass which can be bonded to a wide variety of surfaces including concrete, wood, and steel.

Price of Monoglass, which is only available in white, is about £12/sq m (01344-860145).

Versatile borer is a bit of all right

POST-HOLE borers come in many guises – hand-held, three-point linkage-mounted and tractor loader-mounted – to name but three.

Drive to the auger can also vary from hydraulic, pto or engine-on units.

Glos-based Albutt believes its latest design lends itself to being operated from all the above stated positions and possibly more.

The company says it is capable of drilling earth, clay, tarmac and fractureable rock, drill sizes extend from 10cm diameter to 60cm ( 4in to 24in) with lengths up to 1.6m (5ft 4in). Auger extensions are available.

Power is supplied by a range of hydraulic motors driven from a tractors hydraulic system, and a universal-joint-type linkage attachment is designed to ensure that the auger is vertical, irrespective of the angle of tractor or loader.

Price of a 10cm version complete with hydraulic motor is £304, while the 60cm diameter auger and motor costs £963. (01242-620252).

Pre-cleaner keeps engine filter in kilter

UP to 99% of dust and dirt is claimed to be removed from air entering an engine by the new pre-cleaner now being marketed by Agriemach.

The Dust-Buster has as its first line of attack, a finely perforated mesh which removes leaves and other large debris. Air then passes downwards through fixed, angled vanes creating a vortex which drives a rotor. The rotor, which runs on sealed bearings, spins sufficiently fast to create a centrifugal force which accelerates dust and grit out of the airstream via outlet ports at the bottom of the unit.

Such efficiency, says Agriemach, means that secondary air filter life is extended – often to the tune of tenfold, it is claimed.

Suitable for fitting to most engines working in agriculture, the Dust-Buster has a price tag of between £105 and £270, depending on application (01342-713743).

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