Pre-harvest glyphosate green straw solution?

26 June 1998

Pre-harvest glyphosate green straw solution?

STROBILURIN fungicides offer substantial yield benefits, but persistent green straw encouraged by their use can hamper harvest, says Dalgetys Peter Corbett.

Pre-harvest glyphosate herbicide could save drying charges and speed combining, he suggests.

"The most effective way to dry a crop is in the field, particularly if it is standing. A harvest conditioning treatment of glyphosate gets the crop in good condition so the combine can really motor."

Last harvest some strobilurin treated crops had green straw even when the grain was fit, he notes. This season far wider use of strobs and abundant moisture means many growers could face the same scenario. Glyphosate will overcome slower cutting and later maturity, and control perennial weeds such as couch, he adds.

Product choice and timing should take into account harvest interval requirements, and weed control required. Slower acting formulations tend to be more effective on perennial weeds, he says.

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