Pressing beef matters

1 May 1998

Pressing beef matters

A GROUP of Welsh farmers travelled to Chester last week to try to meet deputy prime minister John Prescott.

As Mr Prescott arrived for an EU environment conference in the town, Anglesey farmer Peter Rogers handed him a letter requesting a meeting with farm minister Jack Cunningham and calling for a halt to rising beef imports.

Meanwhile chief executive of supermarket ASDA, Allan Leighton, claims that a 41% increase in EU beef imports over the past 12 months is undermining beef prices in the UK. Mr Leighton claims that ASDAs policy of sourcing exclusively British beef leads to annual costs £5m above their competitors who source beef from abroad.

"It is increasingly clear that other retailers are taking advantage of the continuing strength of the pound to supplement their fresh beef with imported meat," he claims.

"I want to publicly assure British beef farmers that ASDA will not tread this path and we will continue to stand four-square behind them," says Mr Leighton. &#42

Anglesey farmer Peter Rogers (right) hands a letter to deputy prime minister John Prescott asking for an interview with farm minister Jack Cunningham.

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