Pressure for minimum producer prices

02 November 1998

Pressure for minimum producer prices

A SMALL group of Scottish farmers is to create a co-operative organisation that will set minimum producer prices for all farm commodities, reports The Herald.

Glenlivet farmers Jim Innes and Alistair Nairn started the initiative. Farmers in Moray and Nairn have taken up the idea. The idea has also won support from the Banffshire area executive of the National Farmers Union of Scotland.

Mr Nairn said: “Leaders have consistently downed the idea of a co-op and we recognise their reluctance on the issue because so many co-ops have not worked in the past but its time now for a radical re-think.”

But he added: “Were 40 years behind our European colleagues and were running out of time to get real strength behind us.”

Mr Nairn and Mr Innes hope to establish some form of umbrella board which will represent all production sectors and could help to set producer prices for everything from milk to vegetables.

  • The Herald 02/11/98 page 21

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