Pressure washer defeats thick mud

22 October 1999


Stop rats eating sleeping tackle

HIBERNATION for combines and other farm machinery at this time of year usually creates an ideal habitat for nibbling rodents.

To help stop pests climbing up machinery wheels and eating valuable cab insulation or wiring looms, Farming Solutions has developed a cowling, designed to seal-off tyres.

Arranged in a rectangular format, the Combiguard can be tailored to surround any wheel size and uses rows of retractable pins to fill voids on uneven surfaces.

The guard comprises four pieces of sheet steel which are bolted together by wing nuts at each corner. Prices and further information are available (01256-771494).

Floor compressors need minimal care

A RANGE of 15 to 22kW floor-mounted compressors, designed for reduced maintenance requirements has been introduced by Ingersoll-Rand.

Offering capacities between 6.9 and 9.7bar (100 to 140psi), the compressors are equipped with three-micron air inlet filters, with an aftercooler reducing air temperature to a 46deg ambient rating. To make maintenance easier, the coolant and aftercooler are grouped together in a single compartment that can be accessed through a swing-out door.

The nine units, which have noise levels below 73dba, feature an automatic belt tensioning system and a control display which monitors air temperature and hours worked. Prices and further information are available. (0181-741-9828).

Pressure washer defeats thick mud

STIHL has introduced a lightweight high pressure washer designed to steam clean at 110 bar (1595psi) for dislodging thick mud and oils. Powered by a 3-piston in-line pump, which produces up to 582lt/hr, the RE550W pressure washer is supplied with a revolving-type lance.

A new layout control panel is intended to provide simple operating functions, while LED lights indicate operating states and faults for easier trouble shooting.

For improved safety, the pressure washer features a remote shutdown facility that cuts out operation after three minutes when the machine is not used.

Price is £1699 (0800-137574).

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