Prince Andrew speech riles greens

15 June 2001

Prince Andrew speech riles greens

By FWi staff

ENVIRONMENTALISTS have reacted with anger to news that Prince Andrew is to make a keynote speech at a biotechnology industry trade fair, reports The Guardian.

Britains future roving trade ambassador will be a high-profile speaker at the Bio2001 event in San Diego on 25 June.

Sponsors include leading genetically modified food manufacturers Monsanto, Aventis, Dow AgroSciences and AstraZeneca, reports the newspaper.

A Greenpeace spokesman called for the Prince to cancel the visit, warning that it would be seen as a Royal seal of approval for GM technology.

It also adds to suggestions of a split at Buckingham Palace over GM technology.

Prince Charles is an outspoken critic of GM crops, while the Princess Royal has voiced her support for the technology.


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