Prince Charles view just one of many NFU

08 June 1998

Prince Charles’ view ‘just one of many’ — NFU

By FWi staff

CONSUMER groups and environmentalists have welcomed Prince Charles outspoken attack on genetically modified (GM) foods. But according to the National Farmers Union, his view is just “one of many.”

Writing in the Daily Telegraph today, Prince Charles slammed multi-national companies for introducing GM crops and called for comprehensive labelling of GM foods.

Genetic engineering “takes mankind into realms that belonged to God and God alone,” the Prince commented. Labelling must be introduced so consumers can make an informed choice about whether to eat GM food, he added.

“I hope that manufacturers, retailers and regulators will be ready to take on the responsibility to ensure that this can happen,” the Prince wrote.

The National Consumer Council said Prince Charles was more in tune with consumer concerns than EU policy-makers, who last month failed to insist that all foods containing GM ingredients are clearly labelled.

But the NFU said farmers had to meet the needs of all consumers, not just those who were opposed to GM crops. However, it did welcome his call for food to be labelled.

“The are a number of differing views on GM crops and the Princes view is just one of them,” said an NFU spokesman. “Our main aim to to meet the demands of all consumers. But we do agree with his view that GM crops should be labelled.”

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